Embrace your individuality: We offer a variety of jewelry pieces adorned with both natural and lab-grown gemstones, such as cubic zirconias allowing you to find the perfect match for your style and preferences

Nickel and Cadmium FREE

All of our pieces featuring semiprecious stones or seashells are crafted with high-quality settings filled with Brass (Copper and Zinc),Nickel and Cadmium free.

3 added layers of Gold

For lasting shine and vibrant color, our gold jewelry features a meticulous 3-layer plating process:

  • 24k Gold Pre-Plate: This initial layer provides a strong foundation for subsequent layers and enhances the overall durability of the plating.
  • 18k Gold Mid-Plate: This layer adds depth and richness to the gold color, ensuring a more luxurious appearance.
  • 22k High-Karat Finish: The final layer, crafted in stunning 22k gold, delivers a radiant and long-lasting golden hue.

Silver color plated with White Rhodium

  • White Rhodium Plating: Provides a brilliant, reflective finish that emphasizes the classic elegance of silver.
  • Palladium Plating: Offers exceptional durability and a slightly brighter white appearance compared to rhodium.

After all, what are semiprecious stones

A semiprecious stone is a gemstone that isn't classified as one of the "precious" stones: diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire.

The term "semiprecious" can be a bit misleading because it doesn't necessarily mean these stones are less valuable or beautiful.

Rarity vs. Price: Some semiprecious stones can actually be rarer and more valuable than certain precious stones.

Crystal Attraction

All Crystals can enhance your environment. A carefully placed crystal can magically transform its surrounings.

Wearing crystals, or simply having one in close proximity, can boost your energy, clean your space, and attract wealth.

You can choose stones to enhance your intuition, increase mental abilities, and boost confidence. You can select abundance and healing or attract love.

Crystal Protection

Certain crystals, such as Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline, have the ability to absorb negativity and eletromagnectic smog.

They put out pure, clean energy. Wearing a Black Tourmaline around your neck protects you against eletromagnectics emanations.

An Amethyst geode has the same effect.

This is how we do