5 simple steps to clean your Gold plated jewelry

5 simple steps to clean your Gold plated jewelry

Find out the best way to cleanse your jewelry without ruining it.


Knowing the best ways to maintain your jewelry, can keep your precious pieces looking great for a lifetime.


Unpacking your new jewelry, handle each piece gently and keep them separate to prevent scratches.

Our default packaging helps to keep your jewels safe from undesired scratches.

Step #1 - How to maintain the shine

For a gentle cleansing and to enhance the shine of your jewelry, simply use a damp flannel cloth.

Step #2 - For an everyday wear

To remove light dirt or grease, wipe your jewelry with a damp cloth (add a touch of neutral soap if needed) and dry thoroughly after cleaning.

Step #3 - Special care for Natural Stones

If your piece features natural gemstones, remember they are delicate and require a little extra TLC (tender loving care).

Avoid using harsh cleaning agents like brushes, sandpaper, alcohol gel or any type of household cleaners.




Step #4 - Limit contact with harsh chemicals like perfumes, sunscreens and body lotions. These can dull the stones or damage settings.



Step #5 - Protect your stones from excessive wear and tear. Avoid wearing them during activities like swimming, bathing, sunbathing, working out, or any manual labor  that can cause friction or chipping.



By following these simple steps, you can keep your jewelry looking its best for years to come!


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